Madilyn Perry
General Information
Full Name: Madilyn Katherine Perry
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Address: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Aliases: Maddy
Series Information
First appearance: Episode 1
Portrayer: YourReasonToBe

Early LifeEdit

Madilyn was born in Nottingham. She loves music and is a brilliant song writer. Liam met her when she helped them write some songs for their next album and they kept in contact ever since. She listened to One Direction and loved their songs but was never an obsessive, huge fan which Liam likes.

Personality Edit

She's fierce and strong, which would help with all the nonsense she'd get from jealous fans. She's sensible like Liam but has a good sense of humour. She gets on really well with the rest of the boys. She's sweet and passionate.

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