Kaitlyn Brennan
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General Information
Full Name: Kaitlyn Noelle Brennan
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Address: Dublin, Ireland
Aliases: Katie
Family & Friends
Family: Mother


Heather, sister

Alice, sister

Danielle, sister

Relationships: Niall Horan (Ex-Boyfriend)
Enemies: Laura Winterway
Series Information
First appearance: Episode 1
Portrayer: UndercoverGleek1

Early LifeEdit

Katie was born in Dublin. She met Niall in Kindergarten and since then they have been best friends. They did have a thing in High school, but broke up right before Niall auditioned for X Factor. She became extremely jealous of Laura when she started dating him, and even though she tries to hide it, she is secretly trying to win Niall back. She has 3 little sisters: Heather, Alice, and Danielle.

Personality Edit

Katie is quite shy and quiet around strangers, which doesnt help when she has deal with all the crazy One Direction fans. When she is around her best friends, especially Niall , she becomes very bubbly and happy. She is very nice to everyone, except for for Laura since she is very jealous of her and Niall . When it is just her and Niall around, she becomes overly fliratious, although he does not notice it at the start.